Staff Information

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Name Title Email
Dr. Samona J. Tait Founding Principal
Ms. Tegan Costanza Assistant Principal
Mrs. Danielle E. Grant Assistant Principal
Mr. Jeffrey Harris Assistant Principal
Student and Family Support
Ms. Andrea Cabrera Director, College & Career Services
Mr. Ludwig Vasquez (Leave) College & Career Coordinator
Ms. Yandra Castillo College & Career Advisor
Ms. Aleysha Paulino College Bridge Coach
Ms. Maya Hinds ECI Program Manager-BCC
Mrs. Maria Luis Parent Empowerment Coordinator
Ms. Lavern Augustus Social Work Intern
Ms. Kimberly Daza Social Worker
Ms. Carmelina Terrero Social Worker
Mr. Jamal P. Oliver Guidance Counselor
Mr. Ricardo Martinez Social Worker
Mr. Thomas Paisley Dean of Students
Adminstrative Support
Mr. Genaro Martinez Business Manager
Ms. Ivannova Amoroso Secretary II-Adminstrative Associate
Mrs. Kenia LeeSam Secretary I-Administrative Assistant
Ms. Kadiatou Sylla CUNY Tech Intern
Support Staff
Ms. Krystal Shepard School Aide
Mr. Miguel Zaiter School Aide
Mr. Emil Morban School Aide
Mr. Dwane Camejo School Aide
Ms. Souad Ajarar Algebra II
Judy Berg Health
Mrs. Valerie Blackman Blair ICT ELA
Ms. Shannon Bruno English 12
Mr. William Burn ENL ELA
Mr. Ronald Caaya Health & PE
Mr. Justin Cordova US History
Ms. Annie DeRoy Physical Education
Mrs. Solange Dominguez Living Environment
Mrs. Jenelle Gustave Chemistry
Ms. Atara Eiger ICT ELA
Ms. Anamaria Espinal Paraprofessional
Ms. Viridiana Espiritu CTE:IT
Ms. Olga Feliciano Paraprofessional
Mr. Anson Ferguson English 11
Ms. Cathy Fullwood Paraprofessional
Mr. Elijah Gallion Algebra I & Geometry
Mr. Brian Geddes Part Gov. & Economics
Ms. Janet Girardeau Theater Arts
Ms. Emily Handell Speech Therapy
Ms. Whitney Hutchinson Paraprofessional
Ms. Ruth Leonardo Foreign Language
Ms. Andrea Milsome Physical Education
Mrs. Barbara Morillo Paraprofessional
Mr. Ryan Moser English 10
Mr. Jack Ng Earth Science
Ms. Genara Ortiz ICT Science
Ms. Mariangela Parenti ELA & Foreign Language
Mr. David Paul Global Studies 9
Mr. David Paul Global Studies
Mr. Seth Perez Paraprofessional
Mr. Noam Pillischer Algebra & Statistics
Dr. John Rahl Anatomy & Physiology
Ms. Annie Rodriguez CTE: Health Professions
Mr. Alex Santiago Global Studies 10
Mrs. Colleen Schwartz ICT Science
Ms. Latricia Skeete ICT Humanities
Mr. Jonathan Swotinsky PreCalculus & Computer Science
Ms. Janessa Tamayo ICT Math
Ms. Yesenia Tineo ICT Math
Mr. Anthony Varveri ICT Science
Ms. Ina Vernon ICT
Mr. Manuel Villegas CTE:IT
Mr. Matthew Woods ENL Global
Mr. Craig Young CTE:IT
Mrs. Eleve Zelenak English 9
Campus-wide Shared Staff
Ms. Karina Medina Bilingual Speech Therapy
Ms. Siita Karkala Hearing Education Teacher
Mr. Scott Standish-Parkin School Psychologist
Ms. Aurora Mendoza NYP Nurse
Mr. Edwin Hernandez NYP Health Educator
Ms. Cindy Ferrer NYP Clinic Receptionist
Dr. Melissa Manrique NYP Psychologist
TBD Columbia Dentist TBD
Ms. Elsy Quintanilla Columbia Dental Supervisor
Ms. Joanne Cole Columbia Dental Assistan
Ms. Sandra Ramirez Columbia Dental Assistant